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IMPORTANT - DO NOT disclose your :
1. Internet Banking Login ID, Password, PIN
2. Debit card / Credit card Number, PIN, CVV, Verify by Visa password
3. Account number, Customer ID, Email-Id, Email Password, Mobile Number through any Email, Phone call, Website or Mobile App.

IOB’s Internet Banking customers who may have disclosed their Internet Banking details like login ID, Password & PIN knowingly or unknowingly over phone or through any phishing site or downloaded phishing application are advised to IMMEDIATELY change their password / PIN.

IOB does NOT send any Email or make phone calls to customers asking their details. We request you NOT to disclose your Internet Banking and ATM Card details to anyone over phone or Email or through any other mode.
Phishing Alert
Our Bank does not ask for the details of your account/PIN/password. Therefore anyone   pretending to be asking you for information from the bank/technical team may be fraudulent entities, so please beware. You should know how to operate net transactions and if you are not familiar you may refrain from doing so. You may seek bank's guidance in this regard. Bank is not responsible for online transactions going wrong. 

We shall also not be responsible for wrong transactions and wanton disclosure of details by you. Viewing option and transactions option on the net are different. You may exercise your option diligently. 

We are proud to introduce to you world's most secure technology PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) for IOB's Corporate and Individual Internet Banking customers. 

Register your digital certificate with us to carry out your banking transactions with an additional layer of security. Digital certificates can be purchased from one of the following certifying authorities :

1. TCS
2. Safescrypt
3. eMudra
4. nCode Solutions
Steps to register your certificate :

1. Login to your Internet Banking (Corporate/Individual login)
2. Click on "Register your digital certificate" from the "Accounts" menu
3. Choose your Certifying Authority (certificate issuer) and upload your certificate

Your certificate will be registered in our server after which an intimation mail will be sent to your registered email id.

The device which can store your digital certifiates is an eToken. 

RBI Warning
It has come to the notice of Reserve Bank of India that mail has been sent in its name  'inviting bank customers to update their bank account details against online phishing'.  The Reserve Bank has clarified that it has NOT sent any such email.

It has further clarified that the Reserve Bank or banks never issue communication asking  for bank account details for any purpose. The Reserver Bank has appealed to members of  public not to respond to such mails and not to share their bank account details with  anyone for any purpose.


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