NRI Help Desk

Welcome to our NRE help desk.

Our NRI help desk facilitates opening of all types of NRE accounts in IOB branches in India.      


We arrange to open NRE and NRO Savings accounts, NRE Term deposits and FCNR deposits in Indian branches of IOB and get all the related services done, sitting in Bangkok. We also disburse Thai Baht loan in Bangkok against NRE Term Deposits and FCNR Deposits in IOB branches in India.

Services offered by our NRE help desk:

Opening NRE / NRO Savings account in India:

Customers may call on us in Bangkok or Sukhumvit branch with,

  • Passport, Work permit, Residential Proof in Thailand, Tax id And passport size photograph & for NRO account - PAN Card is compulsory 

  • Passport, Thai ID and OCI card (for OCI card holders)

  • And Thai baht for taking Rupee DD for a minimum Rs.2000/-

We will obtain application and other required documents and forward the application to the IOB branch of your choice for opening account.

After the account is opened, branch will forward passbook and cheque book to us for onward delivery to you.

Once Savings Account is opened, customers can register for internet banking with the Indian branch for the purpose of viewing the accounts and for executing other transactions.

Opening of NRE Term deposits and FCNR deposits:

For new customers, document required is same as above, for opening NRE term deposits and FCNR deposits.

Funds brought in Thai Baht will be remitted to your account in India in INR for NRE term deposits and in Foreign Currency for FCNR deposits.

Deposits will be opened and deposit receipt will be forwarded to us for onward delivery to the customer.

Subsequent services in connection with the Term deposits / FCNR deposits too will be arranged through the NRE help desk here.

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